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Eva Natura

Eva Natura

"closer to nature"

Cosmetics for women for comprehensive face, body and hair care

Eva Natura is a brand of cosmetics inspired by nature. It was created in order to fulfill women's needs for natural care of face, body and hair. The beginnng of the brand is the middle of 90's when EVA NATURA LEN and BURSZTYN were launched. The innovative composition of ingredients and attarctive design made them very popular among clients. The cosmetics are awarded on many contests and fair.


  • pollena_1914.JPG
    Hugo Guttel

    Two entrepreneurs from Łódź, Hugo Güttel and Józef Wójtowicz, set up the Factory of Soap and Cosmetics “Hugo Güttel” in Łódź.

  • pollena_1929.JPG

    The factory changes its name into the Factory of Soap and Cosmetics Hugo Güttel PIXIN.
    Under this brand a number of popular products are designed, including powders, shampoos, nail polishes.

  • pollena_1939-1945.jpg
    The development of production

    1939-1945 The occupation triggers the development of production, mainly soaps and washing powder.

  • pollena_1971.jpg
    Pollena Eva

    The name Pollena Eva is first used.

  • pollena_1996.jpg
    Eva Natura Amber and Flax

    1996 The period of political transformation also marks a number of important events for the company that contribute to its dynamic development and extension of the offer. Popular series EVA NATURA AMBER with amber biocomplex and EVA NATURA FLAX with flax biocomplex are launched in the mid-nineties.

  • pollena_1996-2002.jpg

    1996-2002 Innovative formulation and attractive package design of new EVA NATURA FLAX and AMBER lines achieve customer recognition. Awarded in a number of contests, fairs and international exhibitions, the lines win a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Invention and Innovation Eureka in Brussels and receive twice the award “Teraz Polska”.

  • pollena_2006.jpg
    Eva Natura Polish Herbs

    Further improvement of EVA NATURA POLISH HERBS shampoo formulas. Launch of 4 new shampoos EVA NATURA INTENSIVE CARE: FLAX, AMBER, CERAMIDES R and TRIKENOL.

  • pollena_2008_2.jpg
    Pearl of the Cosmetic Market

    The Young Skin Comfort line, launched 18 months earlier,  receives the award “Perła rynku kosmetycznego” (Pearl of the Cosmetic Market).

  • pollena_2011.jpg
    New exotic shower gels

    A new line of exotic shower gels is introduced: Goya fruit, Indian lotus, Monoi de Tahiti, Noni fruit.

our offer

  • Eva Natura - face, body and hair cosmetics
  • Eva Natura for Teens - skin care cosmetics for teenagers
  • Eva Sun - sun cosmetics
  • Eva Medica - specialist skin care products
  • Adent - tooth paste
  • Loose - Eau de Toilette for young women and men
  • Eva - Eau de Toilette, perfumes and deodorants

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